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I do enjoy using sentences ending in ellipses. I find I'm using them more and more...

Anyway, back to some fragment of real thought. Firstly, my Law degree is proving to require effort, which I find distasteful, but I'm chugging my way through (albeit slowly). I have to write up an opposing legal argument for my team- as in, I must guess what the other team (of 6 people) are coming up with, and write it up myself. And I may have missed a Japanese test, which my disapproving friend has told me was fairly important.

Also, a large reason I haven't been updating is that I got a TABLET! This hopefully means my art will get better. We shall see over the coming few weeks, won't we?

It's also been my birthday, which means I'm now 20, and now officially into the land of adults. At least at 19, I could try and claim teenagehood. Now, I'm a responsible person. Apparently.

And yes, for my birthday, I got Dark Eldar. And I'm very happy about it. But I promised myself to finish my Orks first, so they remain away from my paintbrush. That, and I'm not too sure how to paint them. Sigh.

Also, I have a Hello Kitty Advent Calender next to me at the moment, hanging on the wall. Given to me by a friend, it brightens my day. I happen to like Hello Kitty. She makes me feel warm inside. Like a large gooey marshmallow.

I've recently been bought (read: Birthday) Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan, and it wasn't bad. It wasn't amazing, it wasn't a tremendous success, but the storyline was good, and the writing style was better than the previous one, so clearly Brandon is getting used to it.


Yay! Moiraine was saved! She has been one of my favourite characters for a while. She needs to go and claim her rightful place at Rand's side. Also, Rand hasn't been spending much time with his third wife, has he? Poor Aviendha, being ignored. And what's up with the Black Tower? Unless the last book deals nearly exclusively with it, I fear it will be rushed. And if the last book does deal exclusively with it, then I fear it shall be an awfully boring book.

*Spoilers over*

Okay, that's that off my chest. Also, who the hell decided to release Assassin's Creed Brotherhood whilst I was at uni? Heads will roll, I'll set Mary on them.

  • Listening to: Choices- The Hoosiers
  • Reading: Towers of Midnight- Robert Jordan/Brian Sanderson
  • Watching: The Apprentice
  • Playing: Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
  • Eating: Macaroni Cheese
  • Drinking: Orange Juice
Narric-SB0 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Leon :D

Tablets are cool, aren't they? :D

Never heard of "Towers of Midnight" myself....

See yeah around, now get working on Caterpillar Assassin :XD:
LeonDeclis Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2010
Tablets are cool. But I wanted to mess around with it before returning to Caterpillar Assassin, in the hopes of ultimately making it better in the way of it's art. No longer using my mouse, no longer using Paint.

'Towers of Midnight' is part of the Eye of the World series by Robert Jordan. It's 13 books long at the moment.
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